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The first thing Quintin Conway says in his tearful message last month, on the day he dubbed ‘Perspective Tuesday,’ was this: “I don’t want to be on Facebook. I don’t want to make this post or talk to the public.. but I’m going to–and here’s why.”

He was having a really lousy morning and was feeling sorry for himself.

After visiting a store in Liberty, Missouri, crossing off things on his to-do list, and inundated with more things he needed to do, he was leaving the parking lot and noticed a woman as he drove past.

There was a lady, probably in her 60s, sitting in her car reading–and she had no hair.

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Driving out of the parking lot, he was hit with an overwhelming urge to turn around, go back into the store and buy her some flowers and take them to her.

“So I turn around, go back into the store–and mind you, I am cranky, I’m in a hurry–and I buy these flowers.”

He walked up to her and told her about a “crazy urge” he had to bring them to her, like she “needed a smile.”

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She started crying, and by the time he got in his truck and drove past one last time he looked over and recalled, “I could see that she was bawling”.

The entrepreneur concluded his Facebook Live video saying, “The moral of the story is, ‘Your life doesn’t always suck.’”

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“Sometimes when you get down on yourself, you gotta have perspective.”

Choked up and wiping away a tear, he apologized again for making “this stupid post on Facebook”, even when he didn’t want to, expecting everyone to think he was a sissy for crying. He urged everyone to keep a perspective on their life because “it’s important”—and to try to make someone smile.

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