five-girlfriends.jpgNews reports and inflamed commentary that invoke recent incidents as evidence of a modern epidemic of “mean girls” ignore real positive trends in girl crime.

“This panic is a hoax,” according to a New York Times editorial:

We have examined every major index of crime on which the authorities rely. None show a recent increase in girls’ violence; in fact, every reliable measure shows that violence by girls has been plummeting for years. Major offenses like murder and robbery by girls are at their lowest levels in four decades. Fights, weapons possession, assaults and violent injuries by and toward girls have been plunging for at least a decade.

In the 15 years before 2009, according to the F.B.I., girls’ arrest rates for violent offenses fell by 32 percent, including declines of 27 percent for aggravated assault, 43 percent for robbery and 63 percent for murder. Rates of murder by girls are at their lowest levels in at least 40 years.

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