prom girl with grandpa

80-year-old James Drain never got to go to his high school prom. He never even wore a tuxedo  in his eight decades of life.

This week, he got to do both.

His granddaughter, Joy Webb, got special permission from her Alabama high school administration to take “Poppa” to the prom as her date, and the two had what we can only imagine to be the time of their lives.

Ms. Webb said that Drain has brought “nothing but joy to her family” and was grateful for the opportunity to do something extra special for him.

Sounds like joy all around.


  1. What a loving young lady! …..what ever happened to the word “the” lol like were going to “the” hospital….now it’s just hospital or prom…Very odd language English is… Guess that is why i hated it in school! 🙂

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