This 13-year-old boy doesn’t let his condition keep him from doing what he leaves – even if it means playing basketball with no arms.

Jamarion Styles lost most of his arms from a disease he had as a baby. Despite always wanting to shoot hoops with the other kids at his community center, they would never let him join the teams because of his disability.

Then finally, after months of denial, Jamarion asked Darian Williams, the basketball coach at Eagle’s Landing Middle School in Boca Raton, Florida, if he could just be given a spot on the team.

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Unable to resist the teen’s plea, Williams added him to the school’s basketball team.

His acceptance turned out to be a good thing, too; Jamarion was able to prove his worth later during a game when he sank two 3-pointer shots – one of which won them the game.

(WATCH the video below)


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