Bully Free Zone sign- LoveShareCare.comAfter witnessing a close friend suffering through cyber bullying, 14 year old Azariah Brown decided to do something about it. She founded a website for teenage girls called, “Love Share Care”.

She wanted a social online hangout where adolescent girls 13-17 can share photos, post status updates, and send love shouts.  They can even get discount tickets to local movies and stores.

The website’s official mission is to build self esteem and create unity within schools, while pushing back the tide of cyber-bullying online.

“I knew something had to be done if things were going to change,” says Azariah. “I had to step up and do something that would spark the change.”

LoveShareCare.com is accessible by invite only at three Ohio schools, but you can sign up your own school by inquiring on the website, lovesharecare.com.

In the first two months the social network, which is made to look good on mobile phones, attracted more than 300 girls who signed up.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from WLWT)

Photo by LoveShareCare.com

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