balloon message to dead father-FB

16-year-old Ashlynn Marracino wrote a long note to her father who died of a brain aneurysm on the side of a silver balloon and let it soar up to the heavens.

She described how she loved and missed him:

“I don’t like how I never had you in my life. It’s not fair. Show me a sign please. Anything to let me know you’re there. I miss you so much and I want you back.”

The next day the star-shaped balloon descended 435 miles away into a sandwich shop parking lot in Auburn, California.childes-nativity scene-jefftaylor-submitted

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A customer took it inside to the owner and the two conspired to send the girl a care package, after seeing her full name on the balloon, and finding the girl on Facebook.

“I jumped on a Pay-it-Forward-Auburn page I follow on Facebook, and asked people to contribute.”

Soon, people around the country heard about it and began sending Ashlynn care packages and letters. Even author Mitch Albom joined the kindness train and wanted to send his inspiring book, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from TODAY)

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