All the teachers at Stevenson Elementary school wore their new tee shirts on Friday. “Everyone was so appreciative and touched by the shirts,” says Lisa Otto, who originally wrote the note asking for ‘Good Happens’ shirts for the staff. (Read her touching plea for help, expressing her desire to close the negativity gap at her school.)

“It has helped me to hear the positive comments from my co-workers,” she added. “I want to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement. It really works.”

Principle Debby Root was so grateful to Lisa for contacting the Good News Network on behalf of the Dayton, Ohio-area school. “Their generosity was overwhelming.”

Stevenson Elementary teachers show off new tees from Good News Network


I’m so grateful to the dozens of GNN readers who read Lisa’s note and were moved enough to donate. The generous outpouring of donations raised more than $1,000 — enough to send 55 shirts!

She sent this photo of 32 of the teachers wearing their shirts on April 1.

Here are some of the loving comments from people who donated to the HERO teachers:

— Just letting you know that you have people around the country who love you and appreciate what you do, and things will get better! – Denise

— Lisa, thanks for making a difference with the youth of our world. – Teresa

— I want to help teachers be positive. (And, of all the places where we could cut costs, teachers should NOT be one of them!) – Dylinn

— Thank you, teachers, for the help you are giving these disadvantaged students. You are making a difference in their lives. – Beverly

— This story was inspiring, and I sincerely hope these dear teachers are inspired & encouraged by our loving support of their good work when they wear these shirts! – Susan

— I was inspired by this school counselor and felt this small amount — together with donations from others —  is making a difference in the world today and we helped Lisa believe in the law of the universe: “Ask and you shall receive.”  – Teresa B.

— What a great cause! I just donated $50. Teachers need our support, and students need our love and belief in them!

— Lisa, Many blessings to you for helping raise awareness that Good Happens! – Diana


  1. I went to the University of Dayton from 1968-70, and so I feel a special connection to your city, and to you. I was there on the first Earth Day, so many good memories there of positive things happening at a pivotal time in history, just like now. I send you all lots of love and hope for the future. May you be blessed for all you are doing for kids in these tough times. Love is what its all about.

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