Tech giant Tesla has just assisted Floridian homeowners in fleeing the evacuation zone of Hurricane Irma – and gave up a couple thousand dollars of income in the process.

The sustainable car company reportedly confirmed with Electrek that they have remotely unlocked the full travel range of Model S/X 60/60D vehicles with 75 kWh battery packs.

Originally, the cars come locked at a 60 kWh battery range with the option of upgrading to 75. At 60 kWhs, the cars are less expensive but have a shorter range of travel. Car owners could upgrade to the 75 kWhs battery capacity, although this would cost between $4000–$9,000.

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Earlier this week, a Tesla driver in Florida reached out to the car company and asked if they could unlock his battery potential so he could flee the extra 30 miles away from the evacuation zone.

The company then decided to remotely unlock the battery capacity of every Tesla vehicle in Florida to ensure that residents could drive as far away as necessary on one battery charge.

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