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Tesla’s Giant Record-Breaking Battery Shows Stunning Success By Saving Consumers Millions

In just four months, Tesla's record-breaking lithium ion battery has proven to be a faster, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly backup for the South Australian grid.

Tesla Restores Power to Puerto Rican Children’s Hospital– And That’s Not All

Saying that you CAN do something is not the same as ACTUALLY doing something. Alternative energy company Tesla knows the difference—and they’re actively making...

Tesla Remotely Extends Range of its Vehicles in Florida to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuees

Tech giant Tesla has just assisted Floridian homeowners in fleeing the evacuation zone of Hurricane Irma – and gave up a couple thousand dollars of...

Tesla’s Solar Roof May Actually Be Cheaper Than Your Own Roof

Almost 6 months ago, media sources were speculating on the prices of Tesla's solar roofing tiles – and now, the numbers are in In contrast...

Tesla Surpasses Ford in Market Value

For the first time ever, Tesla, the solar panel manufacturer and new American car company, has passed Ford in stock market value. Ford has long been...

Guy Sacrifices Tesla to Save Unconscious Driver, Elon Musk Offers to Repair It

Even though a Tesla Model S is worth thousands of dollars, this guy didn't hesitate to sacrifice it in order to do the right...

Tesla Autopilot Feature Saves Sick Driver’s Life

Joshua Neally may not have made it to the hospital in time to save himself from the pulmonary embolism crippling his system if it...

Employees Surprise CEO Who Gave $70,000 Minimum Wage With A $70K Tesla

A CEO’s decision to set a $70,000 minimum wage for his employees more than a year ago isn’t just paying off for his company,...

Tesla’s New Affordable Electric Car Went on Sale, Website Swamped With Orders (WATCH)

In just two days, more than a quarter million people clamored to buy Tesla’s first affordable electric car – a response so beyond the...

Tesla Unveils Insanely Efficient Battery That Can Power Your House

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has rolled out a new battery for homes and businesses that they say could end electric bills while creating...

Tesla Gives Away All its Patents To Spur Electric Car Growth

To further advance electric vehicle technology and address the carbon crisis, Tesla Motors has opened all its patents to its competitors, saying it will not...
Tesla S road photo

Tesla to Triple Supercharger Network to Allow LA to NY Roadtrips

Tesla plans a massive expansion of its supercharger network, making a coast-to-coast trip in a Tesla all-electric plug-in luxury car possible in the near...

Tesla to Build Electric Rav4 for Toyota

Tesla Motors will produce the electric Rav4 crossover SUVs for Toyota Motor Co. beginning in 2012, the two companies announced Friday. A fleet of...

Toyota, Tesla Will Build Electric Cars Together in California

Toyota and Tesla Motors have announced a surprise joint venture, augmented by Tesla's purchase of a sprawling auto plant, recently closed near San Francisco. The...

Elon Musk Mantiene su Promesa, Dona $480,000 para Dar a Cada Escuela en Flint un Sistema de Agua Limpia

A pesar de que Elon Musk  ha estado dentro y fuera de grandes controversias en redes sociales, el CEO ha hecho bien al cumplir su...

Elon Musk Keeps His Promise, Donates $480,000 to Give Every School in Flint a Clean Water System

Though the Tesla CEO is notorious for his controversial social media activity, he has kept his word on addressing the water crisis in Flint, Michigan.

In the Market for a New Vehicle? Here Are Some Options for Joining the Electric Car Revolution

I’m getting ready to get an electric car now that my clunker is getting on in age. What’s the latest and greatest? And is now a good time to buy an EV?

This New Hyperloop Pod is Set to Whisk Passengers Between Cities at 760mph

We are now one step closer to being able to take ground transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes.

One of the World’s Biggest Power Plant Developers Just Gave Up On Coal

The Japanese company's initiative is being hailed as a watershed moment in the global fight against climate change.

The Hoover Dam Could Soon Be Turned into a ‘Giant Battery’ for Renewable Energy

If approved, the dam could save California from having to send their excess energy to surrounding states.