Greg Bishop is never one to ask for favors, but he is always first to offer them – which is why he has become so beloved by the people of Floyd County, Texas.

So when the community heard that the farmer would be unable to participate in this year’s harvest because of the debilitating effects of his chemotherapy treatment, Bishop’s friends and neighbors rushed to his aid and harvested his crop for free.

His crop, spanning 450 acres, was nearly ready to be harvested when his doctor informed him that he must remain indoors due to his weakened immune system – but with the help from the community, the entirety of his harvest was ready to be ginned within days.

Dozens of people came out to lend their support – so many, that some needed to be turned away. A local restaurant provided free burgers to all of the helpers. Even local fuel companies offered to support the event with free fuel and funding, but the farmers decided to pay for the costs anyway.

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Within five hours, the volunteers had processed 1,200 bales of cotton worth $420,000. If Bishop had been forced to do it by himself, it would have taken weeks.

When asked why they so readily offered their help, the volunteer helpers simply gushed about Bishop’s character.

“He’s a very good Christian man. Just a good-hearted man. He’s very humble. He’s just the best person,” Aaron Hendricks, general manager of Floydada Co-Op Gins, shared with Inside Edition.

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Needless to say, Bishop was emotional over the kindness of his community.

“He was just overwhelmed by what everybody did,” Hendricks told Inside Edition. “He was in tears; He couldn’t thank us enough for what we did.”

The future for Gary Bishop is looking brighter each day, as he continues his treatment and plans for a bone marrow treatment in the upcoming months. His neighbors and friends, ever-willing to help, have established a fund that will help pay for his continuing treatment.

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