Pharmacist Makes Medicine Available No Matter Your FinancesImagine the frustration you’d feel if you were diagnosed with a serious illness requiring a lot of treatment and even though you were covered by insurance, the co-pay costs involved for expensive medications meant you had no money for rent or electricity.

Jeff Spafford, who ran a pharmacy in Orlando, Florida, knew that hundreds of people were in such financial straits, so he co-founded The Assistance Fund with the goal of opening up access to medicine for all.

To date, he has helped more than 19,000 people nationwide. His organization has raised more than $148 million, mostly from corporations, grants and the drug manufacturers themselves.

“The Assistance Fund helps me get Copaxone with no co-payment each month,” said Deborah Leigh Howie. “Otherwise, I would be without treatment for MS… Thank you Mr. Spafford.”

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