Woodstock-couple-Courtesy Bobbi and Nick Ercoline

Bobbi And Nick Ercoline were girlfriend and boyfriend 46 years ago this weekend, when they decided to attend the Woodstock music festival being held on a farm in Bethel, New York.

During a serene moment, a photographer captured their picture and it ended up as the cover art for the Soundtrack album to one of the most historic concerts of all time.

With the festival’s anniversary this week, we wanted to report the good news that this couple is still together. They were married two years after Woodstock, and have two grown children.

“I think the further we get from the original event the more meaningful it becomes, the more we realize how phenomenal it was: all those people coming together with no violence, just peace, love and sharing,” Bobbi told Seattle P-I in 2009. “Forty years later it’s just remarkable that it could have occurred.”

(SEE a 2015 photo of the couple from WSPT radio)

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