I’ve got some awesome news from our GNN west coast office… We’ve partnered with a super-cool morning host in L.A. to produce a new radio segment featuring my work as “The Good News Guru”,  a title I happily received from the Washington Post nine years ago.

I know you will love Ellen K. She is a down-to-earth sweetheart who is also ‘the Voice’ of the Oscars and Grammys. She’s got the number one rated morning show in Los Angeles, and it’s dubbed as Feel Good Radio.

My new partner, Anthony Samadani, worked with her on his TV show, Hatched, which she ‘voiced’—and now we’ve finally got things cooking at KOST-103.5.

  • She provided a #FeelGood story about Keanu Reeves for a new GNN video, highlighting his generous acts of charity and kindness, which are even more admirable because he keeps them on the down-low to avoid accolades.
  • I visited her studio last week (see the video below) and told her how I came to become a Good News Guru and why I’m so happy to be working with her.
  • Check out our premiere Good News Guru episode here at KOST, from January 19, and listen to our weekly call from her studios every Friday at 9:54 am EST / 6:54 PST online at her homepage— click to Listen Live— or from your car or radio if you live in LA.

Onward and Upward! xxoo Geri


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