The Lesson: When somebody loses weight, where does the fat go? Confused? You aren’t alone. In these modern times, obesity is one of the most pressing health issues plaguing the world. Millions of people have struggled with weight loss, and the overwhelming majority of Americans are grossly undereducated on their basic high school math and chemistry. Businesses, “health gurus”, and various other so-called specialists gleefully take advantage of these two facts in order to sell useless products that are based on pseudo-science. In his simple yet effective talk, Ruben Meerman utilizes fun chemistry demonstrations and simple mathematics in order to give listeners an easy-to-understand explanation about where fat actually goes and the only proven way to lose it.

Notable Excerpt: “And the question was this: When somebody loses weight, where does it go? What does it become? How does it get out of your body? You’re probably dumbstruck by the question. These people were, so listen to this. ‘Um. These are the mysteries of science. I have no idea. I’d like to say into the ether? It gets used up. The universe. Another dimension. It doesn’t go anywhere. It becomes nothing. It doesn’t exist anymore I guess. Sweat. Moisture. It evaporates…Well, basically, you burn it up as energy.’ So, what the heck is going on? We’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic. I don’t need to tell you about it. So why don’t these people know the answer to this fundamental question? Because not one of them was right. And we do know the answer. This is not ground-breaking stuff I’m about to tell you.”

The Speaker: Ruben Meerman is an Australian researcher, public speaker, and television science presenter. Passionate about education for all, Meerman visits schools as “The Surfing Scientist” in order to capture kids’ attention and curiosity about science with exciting demonstrations. Recently, he has published research in the British Medical Journal concerning weight loss and fat metabolism pathways.

Books: Meerman’s book “Big Fat Myths” simplifies the world of health into a few simple, science-based truths while casting aside harmful weight loss myths.

(LISTEN to the fascinating talk below)

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