Neighborhood friends in Houston photo by LemonadeDay-CCThe Eastern Market neighborhood near Capitol Hill was the scene of a remarkable community rescue during a sudden eviction of one of their most colorful residents.

On a recent day when Michael’s possessions began filling the sidewalk under the orders of federal marshals, a few of his neighbors wondered if there was something they could do to help. Michael was nowhere to be seen, but his ostentatious furniture was drawing a crowd: Lurking nearby were people in vans waiting to nab the belongings as soon as the officials exited the area.

A couple of vendors from the local market joined in the vigil and began making phone calls. Then, just when things could have gotten ugly, a spontaneous rescue unfolded with surprising and impressive results. The neighborhood characters each played a role in protecting the dignity of one of their own.

(READ the riveting story in the Washington Post)

Thanks to Craig Withers for submitting the link!
File photo by by LemonadeDay via Flickr -CC

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