Monkey has a lot more than adorably good looks – he’s got a pretty impressive set of chompers.

Fondly dubbed “the Vampire Cat”, this 6-year-old feline has won the hearts of the internet ever since his owner Nicole Rienzie started sharing his unique photos on Instagram.

Nicole first found Monkey in 2010 when she was driving in the car with her mother, and he sprinted out into the middle of the road. Startled, Nicole got out of the vehicle to check out the frightened kitten.

He was thin, flea-bitten, and had severe conjunctivitis in both eyes, but because Nicole wasn’t very emotionally healthy following the death of her father and close friend, she figured that her and the little cat could heal each other.

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His teeth only grew out after Nicole adopted him, but the veterinarians say they are totally normal and will cause him no harm.

You can follow Monk’s pawesome exploits on his Instagram page Monk and Bean.

(WATCH the video below)

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