Tea party with cop FB Collier County Sheriff Office

Beyond serving and protecting, police officers have other duties to perform — like attending a tea party when called.

This particular picture of Florida Deputy Adam Dillman joining his daughter for tea before work has been making a lot of peoples’ days.Girl-cops-are-awesome

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“This photo is a great reminder that deputies are human beings,” the Collier county Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page. “They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters….they have families at home that are praying for their safety every day.”

The photo has stirred an outpouring of thanks for police officers in general and Deputy Dillman and his little girl in particular.

“What a special dad and daughter moment!” Cherie Taylor Shannon posted in comments on the photo.Double-Dutch-Cop-screenshot-WUSA

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“I said it before (that) it doesn’t matter how big and bad you are… If you are invited to tea time you go to tea time,” Josch Jurczak posted.

(Photo courtesy of the CCSO Facebook page)

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