Check out these two emotional videos showing lottery winners announcing their good fortune.

In the first video, Chris Shaw, a Missouri store clerk, shows his boss the 258.5 million dollar winning ticket after purchasing it at the very location where he worked.

This was four years ago when Shaw had been trying to make ends meet for his family and was down to $28 in his bank account.

Chris only worked at the Break Time store for three weeks before he won it all in the Power Ball jackpot.

He wasn’t the only happy local winner. The store owner also collected $50,000 for having sold Shaw the winning ticket.

In the second video, from last fall, a mischievous father teases his two sons about quitting his job.

The boys are noticeably troubled before the father admits that he’s won a “little bit of money.”

The build-up to his final announcement that he has actually won $2.7 million makes the father’s plan genius — and this video worth watching.

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