Who needs a house when you can have a castle?

Marcio Matolias, also known as “King Marcio”, has lived in an elaborate sandcastle of his own creation for the last 22 years.

His castle is located on the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Due to the nature of his home, he lives rent-free – which is handy, considering the city’s average price of rent is higher than the average income.

Marcio makes money by selling books from inside his sandcastle and accepting donations from tourists who take pictures of his home. When he’s not working on his sandy abode, he says he enjoys playing beach golf and reading.

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Marcio cooks his food using a simple portable stove and he pays to take showers at the firehouse across the street. Though the weather will often tear down his sandcastle, he says that he enjoys the temporary nature of his home because it keeps him from being too possessive or materialistic.

The Brazilian man says that he dreams about one day owning his own artist’s studio, but for now, he’s content to continue being king of his little castle.

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