Since this compassionate doctor started his efforts to challenge sexism seven years ago, 17,000 other medical officials have joined him on his mission to change public perception of giving birth to baby girls.

In light of Indian families berating mothers for giving birth to girls instead of boys, Dr. Ganesh Rakh started delivering female babies for free. While convincing other doctors and nurses to follow his example, the practice has become widely endorsed by other Indian doctors and nurses alike.

Some physicians have simply resorted to a 10% to 50% discount on pharmaceutical fees and lab tests as a gesture of unity.

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As well as annulling the procedure, which usually costs about $300 to $400, Dr. Rakh’s hospital staff has also made a habit of presenting the birth mother with flowers, smiles, song, and cake. This helps to encourage the family into behaving properly and making the mother feel special.

“A few rupees damages no one but makes a difference to changing people’s mentality,” the 41-year-old doctor told SMH. “Of course I am losing out financially but how will anything change unless we all do our bit?”

Dr. Rakh, who has a daughter himself, says he doesn’t plan on stopping his discounts until India changes its ferocious opinion of women for the better.

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