tiger photo from Explore.orgSome good news was celebrated Sunday on Global Tiger Day by the 13 countries where big cats still live.

In Nepal’s Bardia National Park, the wild tiger population doubled, from 18 to 37, in the two years before 2011. Camera traps in the park showed the marked increase, according to the conservation group World Wildlife Fund.

The increase is credited to the Nepalese government which has vowed to protect the endangered cats and crack down on illegal poaching.

Better training and resources were funneled to park rangers, while cooperation by local communities and improvements in grassland habitat were also contributing factors.

“The growth of the endangered Bengal (or Indian) tiger populations in this region shows that the animals can rebound quickly if given the opportunity,” according to OurAmazingPlanet.

(READ the story in the Huffington Post)

PHOTO from Explore.org, a philanthropic media organization and multimedia arm of the Annenberg Foundation
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