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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the chocolate TimTam, Arnotts is reuniting Australian family members who are longing to be together, whether living across the country or overseas. In a campaign called 50 Qantas Trips in 50 Days, aging parents have gotten to spend time with their adult children, brothers and sisters have embraced after years of being apart.

With 10 international flights and 40 within Australia being given away, one lucky winner per day since February 28 has received two nights in a hotel room along with a ticket to see their loved one. They also win a suitcase full of of Arnott Tim Tam biscuits to enjoy with their families, to help evoke memories of the old days.

85 year old Bert has lived all his life in the hot, remote Queensland town called Winton, with only 954 residents. He is happy there but misses his daughter desperately. Bert says all he wants is “to see her again before I go.”

Victoria also lives in Winton. Raising a family along with her husband is wonderful, but she is so far from her sister in England. Tim Tam surprised Victoria, not only bringing her sister, but her mom and dad and second sister too. On top of that, her husband’s best friend from Canada emerged out of the same plane — an incredible surprise for him too.

Watch the beautiful reunions below.

The contest will take its final entries before May 15. See more stories and enter to win at

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