Cop with Girl-Chelle Cates Photography

This tea-riffic police officer wasn’t just attending this adorable party to get free Oreos – it was a celebration of the day he saved one 2-year-old’s life in 2015.

Almost a year before this photo was taken, Corporal Patrick Ray was dispatched on a call to save 22-month-old Bexley Norvell from choking on a coin.

Thanks to his quick actions, the little girl was able to breath again, while the officer’s bodycam filmed the whole scene.

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Bexley’s mother – eternally grateful for her daughter’s hero – invited the policeman back to their house a year later to celebrate with some tea at their home in Rowlett, Texas.

Chelle Cates, a professional children’s and newborn photographer, captured some snapshots of the adorable exchange to commemorate the anniversary.

Girl With Oreo-Chelle Cates Photography
Photos by Chelle Cates Photography

You can check out more of Chelle’s work on her website and Facebook page.

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