As a means of celebrating the Year of the Dog, you can now see this Japanese city from the perspective of a pup.

On Friday, Google unveiled the first ever visuals of its new Maps feature called “Pup View”.

The feature is similar to the app’s “Street View”, which allows viewers to get 360-degree images of city streets from a pedestrian’s perspective – except “Pup View” is from the perspective of a dog.

Google workers in the northern city of Ōdate recruited the help of three intrepid Japanese Akitas named Ako, Asuka and Puuko for the mission. The pups were then taken on scenic walks through the city with 360-degree cameras strapped to their backs.

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Since the “Pup View” visuals explores many of Ōdate’s off-road hotspots, city workers hope that the fun feature will help encourage tourism.

“Google Street View is extremely valuable because people can enjoy views in addition to map information. It might be interesting to create 360-degree video from [an] Akita dog’s point of view,” said Shimada Kyosuke, the director of Odate City’s tourism division.

“Beautiful views with [the] fuzzy coat of [an] Akita dog is special and unique idea that only Odate city can provide,” he added.

(WATCH the video with subtitles below)

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