An adorable one-year-old toddler bonded with a stranger after the woman offered him a fist-bump using her amputated limb, which, to his delight, looked just like his.

The precious Joseph Tidd from Orlando, Florida, was born with a condition called Symbrachydactyly. It is an extremely rare congenital defect that is completely unpreventable.

When in the mother’s womb, a fetus with this condition will not get enough blood flow, and therefore, parts of the body do not develop normally. In Joseph’s case, he was born with no hand.

This video shows how loving the blonde-haired child is when he sees a woman whose hand looks like his.

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When she offers him the fist bump, his face lights up.

And, when she asks him if he wants to do it again, he is overcome with happiness and just wraps his arms around her and hugging her like a teddy bear.

She is nearly brought to tears from the unexpected affection.

(WATCH the video below…)

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