When Mahmoud Elkadri arrived at the mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta, early Friday morning for prayers, he found the words “Go home” and “Canada” spray painted across the front of the building.

“This is our home. My kids have been born and raised in Cold Lake,” Elkadri, who is one of the mosque’s board members, told CBC news. “I have been in Cold Lake since 1996.”

The town made sure the story didn’t end there. Later that morning, dozens of people from the town showed up to help repair the damage, which included two broken windows.

The Muslim Association of Canada thanked the friends and neighbors from Cold Lake.

“Today, we received an overwhelming and heart-felt response of support from friends across the community who assisted in a clean-up following an overnight incident at the local Mosque. We are extremely grateful for that support. It is a reminder of the great country we live in and the values that we as Canadians hold dearly.”

(READ the story and watch a video from the CBC)

Photo by Rotary District 9685 (CC license) – Story tip from Vandana

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