The Lesson: Society is always trying to shame its individuals into conforming to the way things ought to be – but it’s those weird, strange little things about us that make up all the greatest innovations, breakthroughs, creations, and ideas in the world. So instead of making yourself bend to the superficiality of fitting in, why not embrace your weirdness instead?

Notable Excerpt: “It’s the calibration of such simple ingredients that – when brought together – creates that symphony of mastery. So I really want you to think about leaving any … form of superficiality in your understanding of humanity and leave that [way] of thinking, and rise up to the rare-air of world class.”

The Speaker: Robin Sharma’s talks on business have attracted over 750,000 people seeking his unique insight on strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurial mastery – and those viewers are already starting to see results in their personal growth. A best-selling author and motivational speaker, Sharma’s has spent the last twenty years of his career delivering talks to thousands of people all over the world, as well as to the massive corporate workforces of Nike, Microsoft, and HP.

Books: The Canadian speaker has published 11 groundbreaking self-help books, the most notable of which include “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” and “The Leader Who Had No Title”.

Podcast: Sharma’s first two Mastery classes are totally free to view and you can also download his free Mastery Sessions podcast on iTunes and Soundcloud, or watch his talks on YouTube.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Photo by McKinley Corbley

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