bruce springsteen - stand up for heroesCanadian public transportation workers might be off the job in Moncton this summer, but that doesn’t mean a wheel-chair bound boy will have to sit home rather than traveling to see his favorite band in concert.

An anonymous angel came forward and offered Jamie Vautour $200 so he could afford wheelchair-accessible transportation to attend his Nickelback concert earlier this year, plus some spending money for souvenirs.

Now, the same donor has come forward anonymously again, this time sending Vautour to see The Boss, paying for tickets, transport and more.

Also heartwarming is the fact that the local food shelter is benefiting after becoming the official local charity for this stop on Bruce Springsteen’s tour, like he did in Toronto recently.

(READ the story in CTV News)

Thanks to Julia Frerichs, LMT, for submitting the story!

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