This Uber driver was more than happy to take this stranded couple to their wedding – but he had one condition for his kindness: he wanted to be an official witness.

David Scullion received a ride request from a panicked couple who had sustained a flat tire in Philadelphia on Friday. When Scullion arrived at the side of the road, however, he was shocked to find out that the duo was currently on their way to get married.

The couple, who asked to remain mostly unnamed, had been driving towards the Cecil County Courthouse in Maryland for their 12:30 appointment when their brand new Prius sustained the flat.

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As he drove toward their destination, Scullion asked the lovebirds if they had an official witness. When they answered no, the driver said that he would waive their Uber fee if he could be their designated friend. Of course, the couple delightedly accepted.

After the ceremony, the generous driver went one step further and ensured that their car was properly fixed before they parted ways.

Scullion says that he had been saving all of his Uber payments in order to buy a new car, but he was grateful that he could give the spouses their first official wedding gift.

“I could see these were two people that were really dedicated to each other,” Scullion told The News Journal. “I’ve always been a hopeless romantic.”

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