Jamaican homeless man sent home by Strangers-smJenny Baker was out last weekend in north-east London and met a “very sweet homeless man” named Michael. What started as an innocent meeting led to actions by Jenny and other generous strangers, that will completely change his life forever.

After the pair chatted awhile, she offered him money, but he wouldn’t take it. She bought him the next best thing — a ginger beer and a sandwich — and learned that he was 64 years old and had came to England with his mum for a better life.

“Unfortunately his mother passed away and he found himself homeless with no funds. He told me that all he wants more than anything in the world is to go back to Jamaica where he says he will be happy again and able to stay with family.”

With sudden resolve she promised Michael that in a year’s time he would be back in Jamaica because she would make it her “personal mission to make it happen.”

After the meeting, she posted the story on Facebook, with a hashtag, #getmichaelhome, and a link to a web page where people could make donations

”What makes it even more special,” Baker wrote as she told everyone the thrilling result, “it’s through the kindness and generosity of strangers… we raised £10,215 in 5 days!”

“I just want to thank you all so much on a personal level for all your kind and wonderful messages too. I am massively inspired by you.”

Baker has since talked to the Jamaican embassy, funneled some of the funds to his care in England, including renting a hostel room, buying meals and helping to prepare him for his new life.

Follow Michael’s progress at www.justgiving.com/GetMichaelHome.

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