Utility workers Thanksgiving CC Grant CC Rene Schwietzke

Thousands of people who were without electricity for a week or more, will get a chance to do-over Thanksgiving.

An electric utility in Washington state has mailed out more than 3,000, $150 gift cards to people who were without power on the holiday.

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Avista Corp. couldn’t get the power restored for all of it’s customers for days after a major storm hit around Spokane, so company leaders decided to try to make up for any missed feasts. The cards are good for food and fixings from a local supermarket chain.

The company took $461,100 from shareholders’ profits to pay for the cards — so the cost isn’t being passed along to customers.

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“It just seemed the right thing to acknowledge the fact they would be missing the holiday,” Avista spokeswoman Debbie Simock told the Spokane Spokesman-Review. “We just wanted to thank them for their patience and show our appreciation for those would be in that situation.”

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