These two veterans weren’t about to let a local widow struggle through the woods with her wheelchair-bound mother every day – so they took matters into their own hands.

Whenever Belinda Hart had to take her mother – who has Alzheimers in addition to living in a wheelchair – to doctor’s appointments, they would have to make their way across a creek using two narrow sections of logs.

Due to recent flooding in the area, the logs were swept away, leaving the Harts with no easy access to the road. Without the makeshift bridge, Belinda and her mother would have to cross the creek manually – a treacherous route for anyone, let alone someone handling a wheelchair.

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But then, when Sam Warner and Flenoy Barrow of the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization in Calloway County, Kentucky heard about the Harts’ predicament, they took it upon themselves to build their own bridge for the family.

“We’re proud, at our age and physical health, we’re able to do this for people,” Warner told WPSD.

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