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The Lowell, Michigan Police Department used a hidden microphone to summon Christmas presents out of thin air during traffic stops with unsuspecting motorists. And the video is so beautiful, you’ll want to hug your screen.

Officer Scot VanSolkema, with blue lights flashing, pulled over drivers in Michigan for minor infractions, like having snow-covered license plates, or “illegal tinted windows”. Asking for identification, he made conversation about whether they had their Christmas shopping done. Most heart-tugging were the parents who said their kids wanted expensive gifts like an X-Box One, an electric scooter, or Lego sets.

”I told them they are not going to get it,” said Salvador Galeno, a father of two who couldn’t afford an X-Box.

While the officer was speaking, his voice transmitted the wish list back to helpers waiting in a department store, who ran around grabbing the items. Within ten or fifteen minutes, the gifts were handed to Scot behind the vehicle.

The shocked looks on people’s faces when they realize they are not getting a ticket, and instead see gifts appear, is priceless.

“I’ve been pulled over by policemen before and they’ve always been good to me,” said one of the shocked drivers, “But never this good!”

cop surprises lady with big christmas gift-LowellPoliceYouTube“We got this idea,” said Police Chief Steve Bukala. “What if we could change a person’s day in real time.”

With the idea, the cops went to a Lowell native who has his own viral video marketing agency, Rob Bliss Creative. Bliss figured out how to make it happen, and then filmed it over a two day period. He got funding from UPtv, a Christian based media company.

Bliss credits Officer VanSolkema with so “charismatic” that he could make drivers share their family’s holiday hopes and dreams.

“It’s important for police departments to take the time to show their citizens just how much they care,” he says in the end of the video.

(WATCH the video below)

Bliss told NBC that about 1 out of 3 drivers left before they had the chance to get a present, with one responding to ‘What do you want for Christmas” by saying, ‘Go to hell,’ which led the officer to simply allow them to continue their day.

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