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Some college students studying abroad may prefer to spend their free time out on the town – but Marcus Witherspoon has been spending his evenings teaching children to play American football.

When Witherspoon first arrived in Bologna, Italy, he was connected with Ishan Debnath, a 9-year-old boy who had a hankering to learn English.

Witherspoon, who is a football player at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, then decided to help the youngster with his English by teaching Ishan and his neighborhood friends how to play American football.

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“I’m really just there for him as a native English speaker,” said Witherspoon. “It reminds me of growing up and hanging out with my friends. It’s just having a good time with your friends.”

Through their conversations about school, sports and video games, Ishan and Witherspoon have formed a big-brother, little-brother bond – and for Ishan, it’s not only an opportunity to learn English, but to work on translation skills between Witherspoon and other neighborhood children.

“[Marcus] helps me a lot,” said Ishan. “It’s amazing.”

(WATCH the sweet video below)

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