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When asked what it is they love about themselves, these men, women, and children were surprised to find that they couldn’t find an answer. But when they were asked to say what they loved about their friend, family member, or significant other, they couldn’t stop gushing.

That’s why international wellness company Lycored created this special Valentine’s Day video to encourage viewers to start loving themselves the way they love everyone else.

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“Most of us are celebrating Valentine’s Day by showing the people in our lives just how much we care,” says the film’s creators. “It’s a wonderful impulse; however, we should do the same for ourselves from time to time. In fact, why not start today?”

So what is it you love about yourself? When you come up with an answer, write it down in a digital love letter. The letter will then be sent to you at a random time in the future as a reminder that it’s always a good day to love yourself.

(WATCH the video below)

Loving ourselves the way we love others is beautiful. from Lycored on Vimeo.


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