While most of us may appreciate a restaurant worker’s exceptional service, Edward Pollard went out of his way to repay his waiter for his consistent kindness.

Pollard frequently pops into a local eatery for lunch during his work week – and every time he does, he requests a specific server because of the man’s wonderful service.

“This gentleman takes such pride in his work. He is always extremely polite and conversational,” Pollard wrote on Facebook. “The kind of person who instantly can put a smile on your face.”

Pollard also always saw this man on his way home from working a shift; and instead of getting into a car and driving home, Pollard would watch the waiter walk to and from the bus stop.

“I have seen him walking in the blazing summer heat and I have seen him walking in the harsh cold winter,” Pollard explained. “No matter his circumstances, when I see him at work, he is always upbeat and a joy to be around.”

This inspiring outlook on life spurred Pollard to do something kind for his waiter. Instead of just leaving a hefty tip on his meal earlier this week, Pollard surprised the man with a car.

After Pollard made sure that the automobile was parked outside of the restaurant, he told the waiter: “See that car right there? That’s your car!”

Overwhelmed with emotion, the waiter hugged Pollard and began crying over his amazing generosity.

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