bass player Jonathan Lubner - Warrior Songs Inc.We call them heroes, but there is a sense among many of today’s vets, and those who deal with them, that the public often has not embraced war veterans in a manner they can bear. Now, one ex-soldier, after having attempted suicide, is reaching out through his original music and making a difference for warriors who’ve returned home.

Iraq War vet Jason Moon rejects the “hero” label, but still considers himself a warrior. So he is using his songwriting and musical talents to look back to see who among his comrades remain in trouble.
One co-founder of a wellness center for veterans explains the healing quality of Moon’s songs like this: “Once (they) know we can hear their suffering, and not judge it, it allows them to heal as human beings, not just veterans.”

The child within is long dead and gone.
Somewhere between lost and alone.
I’m trying to find my way home.  

He released an album and has been performing across the country — sometimes for veterans, other times for civilians. He does it through his small nonprofit, Warrior Songs Inc. located in his suburban Milwaukee home. The title track “Trying to Find My Way Home” is a soothing lament that sounds a bit like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

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