Everyone knows about beavers gathering sticks for their lodge – but have you ever heard of a beaver gathering heifers?

Adrienne Ivy went to visit her cow herd on Friday morning when she saw that 150 of her cattle were crowded around a strange shape. As she got closer, she recognized the shape as a confused beaver.

The beaver, who was most likely gathering materials for a shelter, was followed by the crowd wherever it went.

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Though the Canadian cows wouldn’t get any closer than about 3 feet, they were still enchanted by the strange creature’s presence.

“Because heifers are young, they are very curious creatures,” says Ivy. “They were absolutely enthralled by this wayward beaver traveling across their stomping grounds. Enthralled, but wary enough to keep their distance.”

Ivy posted the amusing interaction on Facebook with the caption: “How do we move 150 heifers in Canada? Now I just need a better trained beaver…”

(WATCH the video below)


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