Ari Shultz had been waiting 211 days for a new heart, so when he finally finds out that he’s receiving the transplant he so desperately needs, he can barely contain his excitement.

The 5-year-old boy, who was born with critical aortic stenosis, had been living in the Boston Children’s Hospital with his parents for most of the last year while they waited for a donor. Then on March 3rd, they found a match.

When Ari’s parents Mike and Erica first broke the news to their son, it didn’t seem like he could grasp what they’re telling him. Then, his face broke into a big smile.

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Ari continued asking his parents questions that would twang on anyone’s heartstrings; like whether he will feel any pain during the operation, whether he will get to go home, and where his new heroic heart is going to go.

Having undergone the operation, Ari is now reportedly deeply sedated, but in stable condition. In the coming months, along with taking an abundance of medicine and returning to the hospital for appointments, the baseball fan will be able to finally move back home.

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Ari had been given a 70% chance of surviving his first year while on the transplant list. Now that he has the heart he needs, Ari is ready for a recovery home run.

You can help with the family’s medical costs and keep up with Ari’s progress on the Shultz’s GoFundMe page.

(WATCH the video below)

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