When a distressed moose was desperately trying to free itself from a web of tree branches, a brave Swedish man stepped up to help.

Leif Gisslen was on his usual morning walk through the small town of Vindo in Stockholm County when he found a 2-year-old moose with its antlers tangled in the ropes of a swing that was attached to a tree.

The 440-pound (200 kilogram) animal can be seen bucking and twisting wildly as it tries to free itself – but to no avail.

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Gisslen and his neighbor fetched a bar so he could cut the branches away and free the animal. Wisely positioning himself behind the safety of a tree truck, Gisslen then starts sawing away at the branches.

As the branches fall away, the moose gets progressively more calm until finally – once Gisslen has successfully freed it – it gallops away into the woods.

(WATCH the video below)

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