This tearful toddler was terrified by the impending doom of the car wash – but thankfully, her brave brother was there to console her throughout the ordeal.

Declan and Raleigh Price were with their parents in Los Angeles, California when the family car needed a good scrub, so they visited one of their local car washes.

Little Raleigh, upon seeing the vehicle ahead of them become engulfed in the scary washers, started to cry.

Declan, who knew the spinning sponges were harmless, grabbed his sister’s hand to reassure her: “We are going to get home very fast,” said Declan. “We won’t die.”

Though his 2-year-old sister continues to wail intermittently throughout the carwash, her 4-year-old brother is there with her the whole time.

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Finally, by the end of the washer phase, Raleigh starts to giggle and smile in excitement over the rinsing cycle.

“We’re going home!” smiles Declan. “All done!”

It is now probably safe to say that – thanks to her brother’s confidence – Raleigh won’t be afraid of the car wash anymore.

(WATCH the video below)

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