In a harrowing drama that was filmed at a Georgia family’s burning home earlier this month, a firefighter managed to catch a toddler as she was tossed by her father from the 3rd story balcony.

While the firefighters of Decatur had originally planned on climbing up the ladders and helping to escort the family down, the fire was spreading rapidly. The father then started to climb down the ladder with the toddler under his arm.

Because the child was hindering his ability to scale down the building, someone yelled for the dad to throw the toddler down to Captain Scott Stroup, who was waiting on the ground below.

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Stroup then caught the child upside down and moved her away from the building, twisting his knee in the process.

While other children were successfully tossed to the rescuers from the balcony and saved from the blaze, Stroup’s heart-stropping rescue was the only one caught on a firefighter’s helmet camera.

The building’s residents have been treated for smoke inhalation, but thanks to the quick response of Decatur’s civil servants, there were no casualties from the fire.

You can donate to the displaced family’s GoFundMe page to help them get back on their feet following the fire.

(WATCH the video below)

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