Not all heroes wear capes – even if they apparently have the super strength to carry a full-grown man to his car.

Clint Groom saw such a Good Samaritan back in April when he was sitting in his car outside of a convenience store in Haltom City, Texas.

He saw a younger man run over to help an elderly stranger who appeared to be having trouble walking across the parking lot.

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At first, the man gently tried to help the senior walk back to his truck – but after making little progress, the man simply offered to carry the senior back to his car.

The compassionate man then scooped up the smiling older gentleman and carried him all the way to his car. After gently setting the senior down, the man made sure he was okay, bid him farewell, and walked back to the convenience store.

The identity of the kind man is unknown, but his good deed has garnered plenty of praise on the internet since it was published.

(WATCH the video below)

Be Sure And Share The Inspirational Good Deed With Your FriendsPhoto by Clint Groom


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