Maureen has always loved fantasizing about how wonderful life would be if it was more like a musical – that’s why she was all the more shocked when a flash mob broke into her favorite song on her birthday.

The 85-year-old grandmother was out at the park on her special day when several nearby youth started singing Hello Dolly from the YMCA – except they had included her name in the lyrics.

The number of dancers grew until there was a whole troupe of actors roping the smiling senior into the jazzy number.

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The genius behind the surprise was Maureen’s daughter Danielle Digby.

“I’m a professional musical theatre actress,” Danielle told the Good News Network, “so I put the word out to actors I’d worked with before and also contacted some former contestants of a youth talent competition I run and ended up with these wonderful people willing to make my mom’s day special.”

Danielle choreographed the whole flash mob with a Youtube clip explaining the dance moves and only a few days of practice before the big day.

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And from the look on Maureen’s face, it was all worth the work.

“My mom was SO surprised (as you can see in the video) and has since said it was the best birthday she’d ever had. Definitely what I was aiming for. With all this attention, my mom keeps repeating how wonderful it is that it is bringing so many people so much happiness.”

“She has always been a very inspirational woman – she adopted 5 interracial children in the early 60’s, ran with them from an abusive husband, met my dad two years later, and gave birth to me at the age of 45. She is the best mom anyone could ask for and has always been an inspiration and rock for us all. She totally deserves the attention she is getting right now and more.”

(WATCH the video below)


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