While the Caribbean is still reeling in the wake of Hurricane Irma, thousands of good Samaritans are coming to the rescue of their neighbors – and the stranded animals and wildlife.

MSNBC reporter Kerry Sanders became a firsthand example of this spirit after he helped rescue two dolphins – one baby and one adult – from the shores of Marco Island in Florida.

Sanders and his crew were reviewing the damage on the beach when they met a man who was carrying a baby dolphin wrapped in a blanket. The man said he had transported the calf from the sidewalk farther up the beach.

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Sanders, who is a long time resident and reporter in the Gulf Coast, has assisted in dozens of dolphin rescues and stories, so he knew exactly what to do. He and the man worked together to guide the small mammal through the turbulent ocean waves and out into safer waters.

As the news crew continued down the beach, they then found another beached dolphin that was panting heavily and showing signs of confusion.

Since a group of concerned onlookers had already gathered around the animal, Sanders decided to direct the rescue effort and organize the pedestrians.

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Sanders told the group to pick up the dolphin from its underbelly, rather than its fins, and carry it into calmer waters. Several members of the group then swam with the dolphin until it could safely escape the choppy waters.

“Once that dolphin started to show a little bit of life, that was pretty inspiring,” said one of the pedestrians.

(WATCH the video below)

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