2 german shephard mutts on leashes-peta-video

These two dogs couldn’t stop frolicking when they eventually were reunited, after being rescued from their former life in captivity, confined to a tiny, muddy pen.

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Buddy and Shelby grew up in a small, fenced enclosure that was heaped with trash. When they were rescued last year, the siblings were underweight and suffering from heartworm disease.

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) paid for their veterinary care, then got the brother and sister into a shelter with a high adoption rate.

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The found forever homes with two different families, but PETA kept up with them and arranged for a reunion after each had settled in to their new surroundings. 2 amigo dogs with families-peta video

Buddy and Shelby instantly recognized each other and spent hours playing in the park — with the promise of more play dates in the future.

(WATCH the touching reunion video below)

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