It’s been fifteen years since these two sisters have seen each other – and despite both of them having Alzheimer’s disease, they immediately recognize each other during this heartfelt reunion.

Even though 88-year-old Ann Patrick is nine years older than 79-year-old Marguerita Wilson, her little sister’s neurodegenerative disease has progressed more severely.

The siblings normally had been very involved in each other’s lives – but due to their circumstances, it became harder for them to see each other. The recent unexpected reunion came about because Ann Patrick’s granddaughter, Louise Gover, works for a nonprofit that helps people with Alzheimer’s to live more fully their daily lives.

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Gover had been hosting an event for the British charity when she serendipitously met her Great Aunt Marguerita. Gover noticed that the senior had an accent that was similar to her own grandmother’s, so she struck up a conversation.

As they chatted, the young woman was shocked to suddenly discover her identity.

When she learned the sisters had not seen each other in 15 years, she facilitated a reunion–and the results were incredibly emotional.

(WATCH the heartwarming clip below)

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