boy shivering on bench lady stands-YouTubeA children’s charity in Norway set up an experiment to see what people near a bus stop would do if there were a boy sitting alone on the bench shivering.

The heart-warming video of men taking off their coats for the boy — and women giving their gloves, scarves and hoodies — was posted on YouTube today along with a plea to help other children, especially the children of Syria.

The publicity stunt, by SOS Children’s Villages, confirms that a boy shivering without a jacket elicits immediate action from the good people of Norway and the charity hopes their plea on behalf of refugee children will do the same.

“Now we hope that the commitment also reaches children in Syria,” writes the group, which is handing out thousands of warm coats and blankets to displaced children.

WATCH the video below… For English subtitles, turn on the Closed Captions (CC)

Join their children donor network SOS MAYDAY, which assists children in acute crises, or contribute here:


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