The term “YouTube star” conjures the idea of rambunctious hosts doing anything they can for clicks and views. Well, this youngster has become one of the platform’s top earners simply by offering wholesome toy reviews.

According to a report from Forbes, an 8-year-old boy named Ryan has become the number one royalty-earning channel on YouTube, having garnered an astounding $22 million in annual income.

Ryan’s channel, “Ryan Toys Reviews”, has attracted over 17 million subscribers since his parents created the account for him in March 2015. Collectively, his amusing videos have racked up over 26 billion views.

When asked in an NBC interview about why he believes he has become so popular on YouTube, Ryan simply exclaimed: “I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

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The report goes on to say that even though the financial figure does not account for taxes, fees, or expenses, the overwhelming majority of Ryan’s income is earned solely through sponsored posts. Some of the toys that have been featured on his channel have been known to sell out almost immediately after the review is published.

Much of the revenue flowing to the pint-sized Youtuber and his entrepreneurial mother who obviously has a big hand in his productions, is reportedly being stashed in a bank account, waiting for the day he becomes a legal adult (taking advantage of the ‘miracle of compounding’, we assume).

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