The only thing that could make The Office any more beloved than it is already would be if all the characters were replaced with dogs. Luckily, a creative woman in California has achieved just that.

In what may be the best animal video uploaded recently to the internet, Paulina Lang gave her dog Enzo a starring role in her remake of the NBC comedy show’s opening theme sequence.

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Her clip features the Samoyed reenacting several of the characters from the show, including Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Ryan Howard, and Andrew “The Nard Dog” Bernard.

In addition to the pup’s theatrical skills, Enzo performs the deeds of a Dunder Woofin’ office, such as scanning a tennis ball; sipping from a “World’s Best Boss” mug; and pawing in some figures on a calculator.

If you’re impressed by Enzo’s talent, you can keep up with his regal social media presence on Instagram and Twitter.

(WATCH the pawesome video below)

Be A Man’s Best Friend And Share The Amusing Clip With Your Buddies – Photo by Paulina Lang

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